Compositions for duo

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These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License

‘Boldogok az öregedök’ (text: Ady Endre) for guitar and voice (2011)

Performed by Matthias Kadar


‘Fantome- Pensee a vous- Fantome’ for C- melody saxophone and piano (2003)

C-melody saxophone: Hester Cnossen, piano: Frans van Ruth


• ‘Petofi Harom Vers’ (2003)Hungarian cycle for bariton voice and piano containing
* ‘ma egy eve’,
* ‘mit ettel fold’
* ‘Szeretlek kedvesem’ by S. Petofi
Piano: Reinild Mees, bariton voice: Matthias Kadar
‘En passant’ for soprano saxophone and piano (2003)
Saxophone soprano: Hester Cnossen, piano: Kimbal Huigens
‘Levent’ for bass clarinet and organ (2002)
performed by Duo Levent; bas clarinet: Harry Sparnaaij, organ: Silvia Sparnaaij
‘Ami d’ Ima’ dedicated to Ima Spanjaard for cello and piano (2002)
*1st movement
*2nd movement
*3rd movement
cello: Doris Hochscheid, piano: Frans van Ruth
‘Lettre a unami’ for violin and alto saxophone (2000)
violin: Isidor Lateiner, saxophone: Hester Cnossen
‘Hatoui’ for 2 tenor saxophones (2000)
saxophones: Bas Abswoude, Olivier Sliepen
‘Das grosse Lalula Reid’ for spoken voice and alto saxophone (1999)
* 1st movement
* 2nd movement
* 3rd movement
performed by Remco Jak and his girlfriend
‘Kadjar’ for Gamelan and Kadjar (1999)
performed by a gamalan master and Matthias Kadar
‘Erunois d’ vizlifan’ belonging to the‘d’ vizlifan suite’ a suite of 4 pieces for different instruments for vibraphone and piano (1999)
Performed by ensemble at Emory University
‘Les aventures de Mr. Guy Tarre et Mr. Poelle’ for pan flute and guitar (1999)
guitar: Stefan Gerritsen, pan flute: Matthijs Koene
‘XAP’ for bass clarinet and cello (1998)
Performed by the ensemble of the Amsterdam Conservatorium
‘Hans huckebein, der Unglucksrabe’ with text by Wilhelm Busch for Mezzo soprano and piano (1998)
* 1st movement
* 2nd movement
* 3rd movement
* 4th movement
mezzo soprano: Marieke Koster, Piano: Gert-Jan Vermeulen
‘Faire mouche-Histoire d’insectes’ for guitar and cembalo (1998)
Guitar: Dario Macaluso, mandoline: Silvia Marquez
‘Dubbel Π with ‘ hindt’ for bass clarinet and cembalo (1998)
bass clarinet: Harry Sparnaaij, cembalo: Annelie de Man