Stage work

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‘Le dernier jour de Casanova'(The last day of Casanova), a singspiel for ensemble, soprano- and baritone voice. Performed by members of the Concertgebouw Orchestra, Claron mcFadden and Matthias Kadar.
Poems by Matthias Kadar, recitatives by Carel Alphenaar, staged by Carel Alphenaar

Konijn en Maan’ (rabbit and moon) for flute, saxophones and tárogató (2008)
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‘Cyrano’, last act of the theater piece by Edmond Rostand titled ‘Cyrano de Bergerac’ for soprano voice, baritone voice, C Melody saxophone, violin, alto violin, cello and piano. (2001)

Performed by ensemble Leo Smit Soprano voice: Valérie Guillorit, bariton: Matthias Kadar, C-melody saxophone: Hester Cnossen Violin: Emma Breedveld, Alto Violin: Rogier van der Tak, Cello: Doris Hochscheid, Piano: Frans van Ruth